We all think we could do better to some extent, but do we really know what we are capable of? 

To create high performance for yourself and others is to enter a world of possibility.

Together, we have the expertise and wisdom to access your untapped potential.

Sir John Whitmore

The pioneer of performance coaching

Sir John Whitmore was the first to take coaching into organizations in the early 1980s. Co-Founder of Performance Consultants International, Sir John’s global contribution to coaching and leadership has helped to drive organizational transformation. His bestselling book Coaching for Performance has inspired millions of managers, leaders and coaches to bring the best out of themselves and others.​ His extraordinary legacy is continued by his colleagues at Performance Consultants.

“Enjoyment can come from experiencing a fuller expression of your potential. Each time you experience yourself stretching to somewhere you have never been before – in exertion, in courage, in activity, in fluidity, in dexterity, in effectiveness – you reach new heights in your senses…

The distinction between performance, learning, and enjoyment becomes blurred, and at the limit of this merger lies what is often described as the peak experience.” 

Sir John Whitmore, Coaching for Performance

Coaching for Performance book Sir John Whitmore Fifth Edition 9781473658127
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World #1 Coaching Book

Considered the bible of performance coaching, the fully revised Fifth Edition of Coaching for Performance was completed with Sir John Whitmore’s team at Performance Consultants before his death in 2017. His loss is felt deeply, particularly within the coaching and leadership industry, but through his book his thinking and his passion will go on to inspire a whole new generation of leaders to build a better world. Sir John’s classic text on coaching and leadership features case studies drawn from 40 years of working with leading global organizations. A practical guide, endorsed by the International Coach Federation (ICF), Coaching for Performance proposes a new cultural assessment tool and ROI methodology to enable leaders to track their investment, at the same time helping to professionalize the coaching industry. This definitive work for coaches, leaders and organizations who want to create high-performance cultures is published in the UK and in the USA and will soon be available in 150 countries and over 20 languages.

“Sir John Whitmore and Performance Consultants shine a light on what it takes to create high performance and unpick the myths around coaching.”
John McFarlane, Chairman, Barclays and Chairman, TheCityUK

Coaching for Performance raises the bar.
Jorge Paulo Lemann, Co-Founder, 3G Capital, and Director, The Kraft Heinz Company

“This book is a must-read for leaders and organizational development practitioners who recognize that coaching is a performance activity which impacts leaders, teams and culture holistically.”
Thorsten Klein, Director, Global Talent & Organization Development, eBay

Coaching for Performance communicates the value that Sir John has brought to businesses all over the world. This edition synthesizes his vision and must be the one book that all business leaders have to hand as support for their daily management issues.” 
Michael Hacking, Founder and CEO, Mocoh SA

Coaching for Performance is the proven resource for all coaches and pioneers of the future of coaching.”
Magdalena N Mook, Executive Director and CEO, International Coach Federation

Coaching for Performance was our reference manual when we introduced coaching as part of our leadership development activities in the European Commission. It helped us to understand the benefits of coaching, provided a sound base in our initial selection of external coaches and, later, a benchmark for the development of our own internal coaching team. Some years on, the Commission benefits from a strong coaching culture, with Sir John’s work as the main reference point. This book is a must-read for managers and OD practitioners alike.”
Norman Jardine, Head of Internal Communication, European Commission, DG Human Resources and Security 

The powerful GROW model

The GROW Model coaching Sir John Whitmore Performance Consultants

Sir John Whitmore introduced the world to the GROW model in the first edition of Coaching for Performance in 1992. Created in the 1980s by Sir John and colleagues working with management consulting firm McKinsey, GROW has stood the test of time to become a pillar within international coaching.

Individuals and organizations have credited GROW with enabling them to achieve outstanding results. GROW is a powerful leadership tool that enhances performance and unlocks potential. GROW transcends boundaries of culture, discipline and personality and is globally renowned for its success in both problem solving and goal setting. .

In addition to the classic GROW model, this 25th Anniversary edition of Coaching for Performance includes:

  • Case studies and examples from Performance Consultants’ 40-year history of working with leading global organizations.
  • The Performance Curve, a tool to assess workplace culture and identify the drivers to build a high-performance environment.
  • A coaching evaluation methodology and ROI, a market first to help professionalize the coaching industry and allow leaders to track their training investment. 
  • The GROW Feedback Framework, a coaching approach to transform feedback and performance management.
  • Practical activities and example coaching dialogues.
  • Glossary of coaching terms.
  • Coaching question toolkit.

This definitive guide, endorsed by the International Coach Federation, is a ‘must-have’ work for coaches, leaders and organizations who want to create high-performance cultures.

Coaching for Performance is published in the UK, USA, India and Australia and, over the coming months will be available in 150 countries and over 20 languages.

“The context of GROW is awareness and responsibility. Since choice and self-motivation are critical to success, the Will element in the GROW model is emphasised. It is here that intention turns into action and it is for this reason that I call it transformational.”
Sir John Whitmore

The Coaches

World-leading coaches and facilitators

A world-class team of professional leadership coaches and coach facilitators deliver Coaching for Performance training programmes and executive coaching to individuals and teams around the globe. Executive coaching or “1:1 coaching” is the equivalent of tailor-made, fast-track leadership development. It provides the most effective approach for leaders and managers looking to accelerate results and fulfil their potential. Our coaches work with CEOs and other senior leaders, managers and their teams in many of the world’s leading organizations to enhance individual and collective performance and deliver meaningful change. 1:1 coaching is available face-to-face, virtually or as a mix of both formats in over 130 countries.

The Programmes

Gold-standard workshops, e-learning and blended learning

The flagship coaching training and management and leadership development programmes named after the book are considered the industry gold standard and are available in over 40 countries and multiple languages.

Resources to help you to go further with coaching and develop your skills or transform your organization, are soon to be made available via this website. Please sign up if you would like to be among the first to have access.

“Coaching for Performance is the best training course I have attended in my 16 years with Medtronic.”
Simon Losasso, Senior Learning and Development Specialist, Medtronic Italia S.p.A.

“It’s people that make the difference. Coaching for Performance complements our culture and has considerably improved how we work together and the quality of our collaboration, leading to a measurable impact on our business.”
Pat Roche, President, Industrial Group, Moog Inc.

“When we decided to implement a company-wide programme of coaching globally, we knew it would be important to select the very best partner to accompany us on this journey. Performance Consultants have been a great choice for us. They really get to know their clients so they can understand their specific needs. We have worked together to personalize and adapt a programme ideally suited to us, and they have provided support and recommendations guiding us throughout our successful roll-out.”
Global Programme Sponsor, Louis Vuitton, France

Coaching for Performance directly impacts the way of working in our companies. It provides coaches and leaders with a fantastic tool for people development that is so powerful.”
Jean-Louis Araignous, Coaching Program Manager, Volvo Group University

“Coaching for Performance is a real eye-opener that will transform your vision of organizations and the power of coaching. An organization’s success depends on its human capital. Leaders who coach can unlock massive reserves of potential, build high-performance teams, and deliver extraordinary results.”
Mark Hoijtink, President EMEA, Hasbro

In-house programme

Delivered off the shelf or tailor-made for your organization


Managers are not usually looking to become coaches but by developing a “coaching management style” they can unleash potential in their organization. We help managers move from “command and control” to high connection and awareness, emphasizing the importance of being a mentor as well as a team player.


A unique leadership journey for long-term behaviour change, the Leadership Programme develops a powerful, and authentic “coaching leadership style” in organizations which integrates performance and purpose. A blended learning approach including 1:1 coaching, this programme delivers an average 800% ROI.


Flexible self-paced learning, surveys and evaluations available wherever you are, whenever you want. Our top-quality blended learning can be delivered in microlearning bursts or as complete multi-level programmes, either on our new eLearning platform or via your internal LMS.

Public programmes

Delivered in-person and online


The ultimate coach training for individuals looking to become a certified coach. This ICF ACSTH approved training includes Levels 1 and 2 of Coaching for Performance. The focus is on experiential leadership coaching practice and learning to enhance performance and purpose through transformational rather than transactional coaching. 


A series of advanced coaching workshops honing and re-visiting International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies, the advanced programme explores inner leadership, self-mastery, authenticity and whole systems transformation, enabling experienced coaches to achieve sustained excellence and maximum performance, taking coaching to the next level.


Coaching for Performance is available via live online classes, allowing you to plan your learning around other commitments, with no travel or time away. Our unique digital learning approach is experiential and transformational in order to inspire and sustain real growth and change.

Global Reach

Coaching for Performance has a truly global reach. The manager and leadership training programmes are available for in-house delivery in 47 countries. The coach certification pathway is available online via live virtual classes. The book will soon be available in 150 countries and over 20 languages. The coaches provide face-to-face coaching in over 100 countries and can offer telephone or virtual coaching anywhere in the world. 

Please see the table below to select the book, 1:1 coaching or training programme available where you are