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Coaching for Performance, Levels 1 & 2

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Coach Certification Pathway

Accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), this is the ultimate training for individuals looking to become a certified coach working with leaders. After completing Level 1 and Level 2 of Coaching for Performance, you can apply for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential via the ACSTH Path and benefit from a streamlined application process and faster ICF review timeline.
6 days in-person or 51 hours live online | 12 hours self-study | 10 hours mentor coaching

ICF ACSTH Approved Coach Specific Training Hours

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Coaching for Performance is the proven resource for all coaches and pioneers of the future of coaching

Magdalena N. Mook, Executive Director and CEO, International Coach Federation (ICF)

Coaching for Performance, Level 3

Advanced Coach Training

Level 3 of Coaching for Performance is a series of advanced in-person workshops to deepen the ICF core competencies and take your coaching to a whole new level. The three modules explore inner leadership, self-mastery, authenticity and whole systems transformation, enabling experienced coaches to achieve sustained excellence and maximum performance.
8 days in-person | 6 hours self-study

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Ciaran Coleman performance coach
Rebecca Hou performance coach
Tina Gaarn Christensen performance coach
Piotr Jankiewicz performance coach

Mentor Coaching

We offer mentor coaching on your coaching skills in preparation for coach certification or for ACC credential renewal. Our Mentor Coaching Package includes 7.5 hours of group mentor coaching (5 x 90-minute sessions) and 3 hours of individual mentor coaching (3 x 60-minute sessions).

The Transformational Approach

Meet Laura Cowley, our Coaching and Transformation Manager, who explains how Coaching for Performance: Coach Certification Pathway is uniquely designed to create powerful coaches and purposeful coach leaders.

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People, Planet and Profit

Pioneers of Performance Coaching


Uniquely designed for people who want to coach in organizations, the programme is delivered by our world-class facilitators who have themselves held senior leadership positions. The learning experience on all our public workshops is further enriched through mixing with a diverse group of international peers.

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