Four decades ago, Sir John Whitmore, the father of performance coaching, identified business as a potential force for good and a driver of human evolution. 

He saw an opportunity to unite individual and organizational purpose to benefit people, profit and planet – the hallowed “triple bottom line” – and this continues to be the driving force behind Performance Consultants’ work with clients globally. 

We partner with our clients to tap into the latent power of their people and create a high-performance culture that places awareness and responsibility at the heart of the organization. By applying our philosophy, framework and tools, we can demonstrate an average 800 per cent return on investment through the impact of behaviour change on the bottom line.

In Yourself

Live your full potential

“Enjoyment comes from experiencing a fuller expression of your potential, reaching new heights each time you experience yourself stretching to somewhere you have never been before – in exertion, in courage, in activity, in fluidity, in dexterity, in effectiveness.”

Sir John Whitmore

Coaching allows you to unlock your own potential and maximize your performance. It opens up the possibility to go much further, discover new ways forward and remove or reduce your internal obstacles.

Our coaches work with CEOs and other senior leaders, managers and their teams in many of the world’s leading organizations to enhance individual and collective performance and deliver meaningful change. 1:1 coaching is available face-to-face, virtually or as a mix of both formats in over 130 countries.

purpose of executive coaching high performance

In Your Team

The greatest influencers of an organization’s culture are its leaders – it is you as a leader who is actually the gatekeeper to the performance of your team.

Your responsibility as a leader is to create an exciting but safe adventure for your people, worthy of them devoting their lives to it. How people feel about working in an organization and how passionate they are in its agenda are what makes the difference between good, great and outstanding companies. Ultimately, our inner mindset and our outer leadership style determine how alive, energetic and purposeful our team and organization are.

Introducing The Performance Curve

It is on the collective prevailing mindset of the culture that The Performance Curve focuses, and how this creates the conditions for performance. In our developmental model, each of the four stages is represented by an overall cultural mindset, shown in italics in the figure below. Each mindset creates distinct organizational characteristics and relates to a certain level of performance. As you look at the model, you might like to reflect on what mindset you operate from on a daily basis.

In Your Organization

An organization is not simply a business or financial construction. A truly vibrant company is more than the sum of its parts and has a higher purpose that governs all decisions within the firm. Those companies that find their unique place in the world win over others that are not unique. Those with a sustainable reason for existing systematically win overs those who do not.

We need the capacity to take a whole-system approach that is a product of personal development, of moving from the old paradigm of fear to one of trust and of recognizing that human kind is evolving both socially and spiritually. Coaching is the enabler and a coaching culture creates the conditions for high performance. Coaching for Performance is just what it says – a means of obtaining optimum performance – but one that demands fundamental changes in mindset, in behaviour and in organizational structure.

Of course, there are pragmatic reasons for change, such as growing global competition forcing the pace toward leaner, more efficient, agile and responsive organizations and teams. The pace of technological innovation frequently results in leaders finding that they don’t have the time to learn the skills of the team they employ. Globalization, demographic changes, immigration and the multiple effects of the internet and instant communication oblige businesses to change their ways.​

A new style of leadership

Most of the organizations we work with approach us because they are seeking to improve performance and have embarked on a process of fundamental change – or at least they would like to. They have recognized that, if they are to achieve real performance improvement, their leaders must adopt a coaching style. These companies have already identified that coaching is the leadership style of a transformed culture, and as the style changes from directing to coaching, the culture of the organization will begin to change. Hierarchy gives way to partnership and collaboration, blame gives way to honest evaluation. Protection barriers fall as teams build, change is no longer feared but welcomed, and satisfying the boss comes after being and doing your best for yourself. Secrecy and censorship are replaced by openness and honesty, pressure at work becomes challenging work, and short-term fire fighting reactions give way to longer-term strategic thinking.

attributes of high performance culture

In Your Whole World

“Coaching is much bigger than coaching. It is a way of being that the whole world needs to get to, where the core theme is compassion for all people and caring for all of nature and for our only home.” 

Sir John Whitmore

Coaching is not the panacea to all the ills in work, in life or in the world but it is infinitely more than a tool for helping stressed executives, and more than a better management method for a variety of business situations. Coaching is one of the most acceptable skills for human growth. It is a different way of viewing people, a far more optimistic way than most of us are accustomed to, and it results in a different way of treating others, and ourselves. It requires us to suspend limiting beliefs about people, including ourselves, to abandon old habits and to liberate ourselves from redundant ways of thinking.

Coaching for Performance has a truly global reach. The manager and leadership training programmes are available for in-house delivery in 47 countries. The coach certification pathway is available online via live virtual classes. The book will soon be available in 150 countries and over 20 languages. The coaches provide face-to-face coaching in over 100 countries and can offer telephone or virtual coaching anywhere in the world.

Please see the table below to select the book, 1:1 coaching or training programme available where you are.