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A space created by Performance Consultants International for leaders from all around the globe to learn together. The Performance Leadership Academy supports accelerated and sustained learning, high performance and transformation in individuals, teams and organizations. Learn to build trust and strong relationships to connect at a deeper level, discover your authentic self and inspiring leadership vision, and develop the skills you need to unlock potential.

Make a positive difference in the world through the way you lead and manage your organization.

Leadership Development Programmes

Learning for High-performance Leaders

Our leaders consistently show that they can achieve more than other leaders with the same resources – and inspire and engage. Discover our wide portfolio of executive leadership programmes.

Welcome to the future of learning and transformation. We are embracing the exciting new possibilities created by digital for building the capabilities that organizations need in order to adapt to changes in their environment. Just as digital is disrupting other aspects of business and society, so too it is impacting high-performance leadership development.

Enrol today and take your leadership skills to the next level.

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Leadership Consulting

Beyond Performance


We provide impactful and performance-based leadership development based on your needs now and in the future, and aligned with the strategic goals of the organization.

Effective leadership development starts with self-awareness, knowing and being true to your authentic self, and cultivating leadership presence.

We focus on the being of leadership, the transformational not the transactional. We develop leaders who transform themselves, their teams and their organization.

We have a team of experienced leadership development consultants to work with you to develop leadership development solutions and learning strategies that are customized to your organizational needs, and which will build leaders who create sustained excellence and maximum performance.


Culture Transformation

Leaders are the Drivers of High-performance Cultures

The Performance Curve (c) Sir John Whitmore and Performance Consultants InternationalWorking with our model, The Performance Curve, we help leaders to explore the stages of organizational development, how leadership style impacts culture and how to achieve a high-performance culture. We are able to assess and track your organization’s current and desired cultures, and develop your leaders’ capability and the collective mindset that will create the conditions for high performance.

Our train-the-trainer (TTT) options are valued by our multinational clients looking for an efficient and sustainable way to spread the learning and impact their whole culture. They develop essential internal capacity to embed new behaviours across departments and across oceans.

Executive Coaching

Coaching for Individuals and Groups


As our Executive Coaching is available in over 130 countries, we have the capacity to deliver a truly global strategic programme.

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Strategic Individual Coaching

individual executive coaching

“1:1 coaching” is the equivalent of tailor-made, fast-track leadership development. Our coaches work with CEOs and other senior leaders and managers in many of the world’s leading organizations to enhance individual and collective performance and deliver meaningful change. 1:1 coaching is available face-to-face, virtually or as a mix of both formats.

Organizations struggle to create a joined-up offering for their global leaders, we have the solution. We provide a simple dashboard so that you can see, at a glance, the status of your global coaching initiative. At the end of an engagement, using our unique Coaching for Performance ROI evaluation, leaders can trace the impact of behaviour change on the bottom line.


Team or Group Coaching

team and group coaching

Whether you have an intact team or a group of people with a similar challenge who would benefit from coaching, we can help.

Examples of groups include:

  • Senior leadership team
  • Women in leadership
  • Millennials
  • First-time managers

We partner closely with our clients to understand their needs and then create an experience that exactly fits their requirements.

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